What To Wear To A Job Interview

What To Wear To A Job Interview

If you’re not used to wearing suits and dressing formally, you’re probably dreading having to ‘dress up’ for a job interview. Not knowing what to wear, not knowing how to tie your tie and debating whether your old school shoes are suitable are questions which are probably crossing your mind right now, but we’re here to help covering all bases.

First impressions and your appearance are vital factors in whether the job interview is successful or not, so failing to address them could lead to you failing to land the job. Ready?

Climb The Corporate Ladder

Firstly we’re going to address what to wear to a ‘corporate’ interview. In other words, if the job you’ve applied for is more boardroom than free spirit, you’ll need to dress in a corporate manner and tap into the typical uniform the company expects.

You’ll need to invest in…

A Well Fitted Suit

Preferably navy or charcoal, a suit is going to be the first thing you’re judged on. Concentrate on the fit, making sure it’s altered/tailored as it should be. 

You should really designate a bit of time to choosing a suit, and making sure it fits perfectly. What you wear with the suit becomes a secondary thought, and although the finer details are extremely important a badly fitted, poorly constructed suit will have the interviewer marking you down on appearance straight away.

The Accessories (& Shoes)

The finer details are so important, so put some time into choosing your accessories. You want to keep it minimal, as wearing too many accessories will create a ‘dandy’ effect and this isn’t your typical corporate attire.

The tie is the first thing to consider, and it’s good to avoid anything with a shine to it. Keep things traditional and opt for a width above 7cm, and make sure the knot is in proportion with your collar. A simple ‘school boy knot’ is easy to achieve and allows you to control the shape of the knot, where as the ‘Full Windsor’ takes a bit more effort but it will create a chunkier, more corporate knot. 

A pocket square can also be a handy addition, but keep the fold simple and elegant by using the square or puff fold. The pocket square allows you to add a touch of colour or print, but don’t overdo it.




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